Scott Burgett

Shred fat, build muscle, and love yourself as a Vegan 
without feeling restricted or overwhelmed
My name is Scott Burgett. I am a vegan fat loss expert  and online coach that helps vegans shred fat, build muscle, and reclaim their confidence! 

Over the last decade, I transitioned from a personal trainer who coached professional athletes on the Seattle Mariners baseball team to coaching hundreds of vegans in transforming their body and lives. 

After going vegan cold turkey in January 2017, my path has led to coaching hundreds of vegans to help them realize their health and fitness goals. I do this because I feel it’s my duty to coach others to show the world that you can create an amazing life, eating only plants.

I got started because I felt defeated after going vegan and thinking it would lead me to the body and happiness I was seeking. I quickly realized that just because I was vegan, didn’t guarantee a free pass to an amazing body. 

During my journey, I would literally stand in front of the mirror, grab the extra fat on my belly and scream “Why can’t you just lose this fat Scott!?!”

That frustration led me on a path of self discovery and trial and error for TWO YEARS, with little results to show for it. I decided enough was enough and joined a program that coached vegans how to get shredded and what I learned changed my life forever. In a matter of 28 days, I dropped to 8% body fat and was the leanest I had ever been in my entire life. 

After that experience, I was inspired to create my program to help other vegans reach and SUSTAIN real results, without restrictive diets. That's how the Evolution Vegan Academy was born.

Here's What We Do For Our Clients!

  • Custom Workout Plans: We create personalized workout plans that are specific to your goals (no gym required).
  • Custom Nutrition Guidance: You'll get a customized nutrition plan and meal plans made to help YOU reach your goals.
  • Mindset Coaching: We teach you how to step into your new identity so that you learn how to create permanent and SUSTAINABLE results.
  • Maximum Support: Our daily check-ins and weekly coaching calls mean that you will never be without the support that you need, ensuring your success!
  • Community: You get instant access to a community of other fit vegans that will support and encourage you during your health and fitness journey!

Why it’s worth it to be a Fit Vegan:

  • Transforming your body will also create freedom in your life
  • You’ll feel more energized
  • You’ll believe in yourself again
  • ​You’ll feel confident in your clothes again
  • ​You’ll inspire others to go vegan
  • ​You’ll live a long, fulfilling life
  • ​You’ll create sustainable habits that lead to permanent results

Check out Some of Our Client Results


"What I wasn’t expecting when I actually began the academy was how quickly I would start to feel better!

I didn’t realize how much I needed having Coach Scotty on the sidelines cheering me on but also holding me accountable.

I owe my fresh start to this new decade to his guidance and encouragement!"


"Working with Coach Scotty has changed my life. He really took the time to find out what my needs were and how he could help me reach my goals. Working on mindset was the missing piece in all the other programs, something I didn't think I actually needed, but it is the thing that has made all the difference. I am stronger, happier, more confident, more focused, and back to enjoying life."


 "I decided to look for a health coach and I did speak to a few coaches but Scotty definitely took the cake on this one! He responded quickly, he was welcoming and encouraging and most of all, EXCITED to work with me, I wasn’t just another client.

Anyone else who wants to feel and look amazing on a delicious plant based diet, Scotty is your go to guy!"


"Since Day 1 of working with Coach Scotty, I've seen more success and progress in such a short amount of time than I could've hoped for. I truly believe one of the best parts of Coach Scotty's teachings are how these changes to my eating and exercise habits are sustainable and enjoyable long-term. Coach Scotty has taught me that I need to focus on my goal-setting and gratitude in order to really be successful. And that's what makes him such an incredible coach."


"Coach Scotty gave me a meal plan all the way down to the grocery list. He gave me a step by step workout routine designed for me and my individual needs and for me that meant very little cardio.

But the biggest win of all, was I got me, my life and my confidence back.
I am beyond grateful and if any vegan wants to change their life, let Coach Scotty take you through the EVA experience. You will not regret it!"


"Since I joined the EVA, I have so far lost 23.4 pounds, and my body fat percentage has gone down 5.8 points. My resting heart rate has gone down from 74 to 66. I have been able to stop two medications so far. Joining the Evolution Vegan Academy has been the best decision of my life. My health is improving, my mindset is improving, and my self-love is improving. If you have been trying to decide if the Evolution Vegan Academy is for you, take it from me, it is. You are worth it."


"I'd have to say the best part of the program is definitely the accountability and easy to follow workout and eating plans especially for someone who is always on the go like me."


"Before this, I did challenges where I lost weight and gained it back, plus more.

During these 12 weeks I lost 6% body, 12 pounds, and developed a more positive mindset!"


"I lost 11% body fat and over 20 inches! Prior to joining, I was hospitalized with for suicidal ideation and did not feel good about myself. Since completing the program, I feel like myself again and I am happy. If that sounds like you, I definitely recommended reaching out to Coach Scotty and joining the Evolution Vegan Academy."


"Prior to joining, I struggled with what to eat for weight loss as a vegan. Coach Scotty has given me the tools, plans, and support to turn my life around for the better. If you've been struggling, with something similar, I'd highly recommend chatting with him."


"Before starting the Evolution Vegan Academy, I was the heaviest I had been since high school. Since starting the program, I lost 11% body fat! If you're even considering joining the program, do it! It is on of the best decisions I've made in my life."


"Before joining, I loved to hate myself. With the help of Coach Scotty and his team I now feel fully equipped and prepared with everything to continue this journey of loving myself. If this sounds like you, and you're struggling with pure love, I recommend that you apply and join the EVA!"

Why vegans struggle with weight loss?

  • They focus on the weight, rather than losing fat
  • ​They eat only WFPB
  • ​They think “eating healthy” is adequate
  • ​Not eating enough protein
  • ​They lack accountability

Why Vegans Succeed?

  • They follow a custom plan based on their goals
  • ​They surround themselves with other fit vegans
  • ​They invest in themselves
  • ​They change their identity
  • ​They create healthy habits and routines

Application Process

You Apply For My Coaching Program

Evolution Vegan Academy is not for everyone. We work tirelessly with our clients to help them reach their goals, and in turn, we require an intense level of commitment. This means that we only select a handful of people that fit a certain criteria.

I Call You and Speak With You

I will call you to discuss your current situation, obstacles and goals you have and how we can help you bridge this gap.

I Will Decide Who Gets to Join

Once I get a glimpse of who you are and
how you might fit in, I will decide whether you get to join the coaching program or not. No matter the outcome, you will receive feedback from me on what happens next.


Here are my highly trained coaches who help me serve our clients and make sure they get results

Leiah Rocheleau, Head Assistant Coach

Kyle Cummings, Assistant Coach

Caleb Rivera, Assistant Coach

Leiah Rocheleau is Mrs. DC America 2018. Leiah is a Certified Health Coach with Integrative Nutrition. Leiah was awarded the Loudoun Times 40 under 40 award. She is a co-host for a local TV show called Good Things DC. Leiah is also co-host and co-producer of a new segment called Mindful Wellness featured on the nationally syndicated cable show "The Jet Set." She is an international Online Health Coach with Evolution Vegan Academy and a plant based advocate that helps people take back control of their health.
As a Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Golf Fitness Specialist and an aspiring holistic health practitioner; Coach Kyle literally lives and breathes health and fitness. Coach Kyle’s core mission is to improve the lives of his clients everyday through a personalized approach to fitness and exercise, with a strong emphasis on mindset and sticking to your WHY! Kyle enjoys playing competitive Golf, racing in endurance Triathlon and Spartan events and can often be found in his kitchen creating his own secret blends of teas containing rare medicinal herbs, mushrooms, and roots- luckily, Kyle has yet to “fully” burn down his kitchen. 
Coach Caleb is driven by his passion and purpose for helping people regain their confidence through lifting weights, eating a healthy vegan diet, and taking back control of their lives. He believes by taking control of your physical strength and your health, you can apply this to becoming successful in all major areas of life. Overcoming binge eating and reconstructing self-image is his specialty! Coach Caleb was recently married in the summer of 2020 and is planning on moving to the Dallas, TX area with his wife as soon as possible!
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